Kara Kunkelman of Blondie's Cheesecakes

Making Moves with Kara Kunkelman

Name: Kara Kunkelman

Years in Flint & Genesee: 30 + (Lifelong resident)


• Catering Manager, Blondie’s Food & Spirits
• Director of Operations, Blondie’s Best Cheesecake Ever


• Junior League of Flint
• Flint & Genesee Young Professionals
• Genesee County Human Trafficking Task Force (GHOST) and Genesee County Sexual Assault Response Team
• Flint Women’s Forum

Where can people typically find you?

When I’m not catering an event, experimenting with a new cheesecake flavors, or volunteering, you can find me out and about exploring the murals, shopping one of the many boutiques, or reading a library book at home with my two cats.

What do you love about Flint & Genesee?

We have so many different community organizations doing cool work that has an impact throughout the country. People look to Flint as a leader in this space. For example, with GHOST – Sherriff Swanson has helped replicate that program in other communities. We have people calling us asking, “How can we do that here in Florida? How can we do that in Ohio?”

What was the first organization you joined?

The first organization that I really put my all into was the Junior League of Flint. I started by just showing up to the monthly meetings, and I would donate a couple dollars here and there. I think people think they have to bring money to the table to get involved – and while that is important, what’s equally important is your time. So, if you can’t write a check, that’s fine. Sometimes what an organization really needs from you is a couple hours on Saturday.

For someone who is new to the community, what’s a good starting place?

The Flint & Genesee Young Professionals (YPs). It’s an open group that’s very welcoming.

During the fall, the YPs offer a Table for Six event. There’s a random draw, where you’re put at a table with five other individuals. There are thought-provoking questions where you share your insight, fun facts, advice, and anecdotes. And by the time you leave, you’ve made five new connections who can help connect you to other people and organizations. It’s a great way to dip your toe into the community.