Community Spotlight: Flushing, Michigan

A suburb of Flint, Flushing has a population of close to 8,500 according to the 2020 census. The city originated as a mill town in the mid-1830s along the Flint River and has grown to a wonderful, family-friendly community. 

Lesly Foreman, executive director of the Flushing Area Chamber of Commerce, fell in love with Flushing the first time she drove through it.  

“I can still picture that day in my mind,” says Lesly. “This is where I wanted to be.” 

Although that isn’t the only reason she chose to settle her family in Flushing. She also regards the school district, noting it was a big draw when choosing where in Genesee County to land.  

Another main reason that Lesly decided to stay in the community is the connections she built with the people in the community.  

“For someone who didn’t grow up here, that was not a detraction from fostering and creating relationships,” says Lesly.  

Lesly is originally from Central Illinois but has found her forever home in Flushing.  

As executive director of the local chamber of commerce, she works with local businesses and the community and is key in putting on major events in the area. 

“We put on the bigger events in our city,” says Lesly. “We have Summerfest in June, Harvest Fest in September or October, and our annual Candlewalk in December. These are a great draw to show what Flushing has to offer.” 

And what the city has to offer is a great place for dining and shopping with a cost of living that is nearly 15% lower than the United States average and 7% lower than the Michigan average.  

Highlights for restaurants include Kathy’s 126 located on Main Street which hosts weekly music; Johnny’s Pour House, a hometown bar and restaurant with outdoor seating for a fun summer night; and the Flushing A, a favorite that serves up classic diner food and is located close to the city’s parks.  

Speaking of the parks, Flushing’s Concerts in the Park committee hosts a summer concert series at its bandshell in Riverview Park featuring local musicians and a Teen Canteen serving snacks with proceeds going to local nonprofits.  

Flushing has a smalltown feel and is closely located to Flint, the city center of Genesee County which has plenty of cultural attractions, opportunities for families, and things to do.  

“I have always said, Flushing is our own little Hallmark town,” says Lesly. “It’s just a small, safe, hometown in Genesee County.”  

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